We are looking at a story about a school for orphans set in the Great Depression era when children were often abandoned by their mothers, handed off to an institution where they were mistreated, didn’t know love, and believed the world was out to get them. 

When a football coach, a former orphan, was hired and began investing in them, standing up for them, and valuing them, the boys’ lives were changed forever. They started believing they needed the coach, they needed self-confidence, and they needed each other. And it wasn’t long before they started saying things like, “I’m valuable, I’m mighty, I’m a warrior, I’m proud to be who I am.”  

Because of the godly investment made in their lives, they became more than what the world says they could be and they inspired a nation during one of the darkest times in history.

Opening Question or Ice Breaker

Share about a memorable event from your past that involved football.

Discussion Question 1

Can you describe a time you felt abandoned? Did the solution you chose help or hurt you in the end?

Scripture: Have someone look up and read the scriptures for discussion below:

  • Romans 8:31-32; 37 NIV: Are you aware of someone who is struggling right now? What could you do to help them?
  • Psalm 23:4 NIV: What are some ways to overcome resistance to the help God provides?
  • Isaiah 43:2 NIV: Talk about some examples of life’s “waters,” “rivers,” or “fires” and where we can see God showing up with us in those experiences.

Discussion Question 2

Share about a difficult time when God sent someone to help you.

Scripture: Have someone look up and read the scriptures for discussion below.

  • John 14:18 NIV: When we feel abandoned, how can we learn to trust the people God sends to help? 
  • Isaiah 53:5 NIV: If we know Jesus can relate to our challenges, and others as well, what are some steps we can take to find the individuals who could help us?
  • 2 Corinthians 12:10 NIV: How do we get to a place of delighting in our weaknesses and difficulties?

Make It Practical – Apply the Word:

This week let’s protect our time reading His Word, sitting in His presence, and aligning ourselves with God’s heart for people. 

  1. Identify one action step you can take to help encourage someone who appears to be abandoned.
  2. Identify your next step to find help with a current personal challenge. 

Family Conversation Question for the Week: (spend time talking with your circle)

Pick a holiday movie you can watch together. Create some discussion questions and enjoy a time of learning and exploring how God showed up and even where He is absent in the life of the movie characters.

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