In Creed 3, the retired heavy weight champion of the world Adonis “Donnie” Creed is using his experiences and success to train and lead others to do the same. When regrets resurface as a result of past decisions he chose to run from and bury years ago, he surprisingly falls back on unhealthy attitudes and behaviors which ends up hurting the ones he loves the most. Just like a fighter disciplines himself and trains, and physically gets knocked down in the ring, Adonis needs to learn how to apply that training to get back up again when life’s trials knock him down. Whether it’s regret, guilt, or unforgiveness, we are not truly free if we don’t confess, deal with them, and let them go. And when we deny that they exist or try to deal with them on our own instead of leaning on the coach and team that is in our corner, we remain imprisoned. Through facing the fear, using a humble approach, apologizing for our wrong, and receiving forgiveness we can be set free from our past and step into a bright future! And the best part is receiving His love allows us to love others who have wronged us – “free to free others!”

Opening Question or Ice Breaker

Share about a childhood relationship that impacted you either positively or negatively.

Discussion Question 1

In what ways can past decisions or regrets hold us captive?


Have someone read John 3:16-21 NIV and Luke 12:1-3 NIV discuss:

  • Why do we fall for the lie that we can keep some things hidden?
  • Discuss the importance of asking the Lord to shed his light in areas we’ve tried to hide.

Discussion Question 2

Discuss or suggest ways that we can handle uncomfortable conflict with the desire to reconcile?


Have someone read John 8:36 and Psalm 55:22 and 2 Corinthians 12:9 discuss:

  • How does walking in freedom affect our walk with others?
  • Talk about the action of casting cares on the Lord, and our actions after we cast.
  • Look up the definition of GRACE and talk about how we access it.

Make It Practical – Apply the Word:

After honest reflection and self-evaluation, write down a daily “training plan” for Christian growth that will allow us to develop habits that will help when trials and storms come: (It could include daily confessions like the ones below.)

  • “The Son set me free, so I no longer have to hold this hurt.”
  • “The blood of Jesus purifies me, I’m whole.”
  • “I will cast my cares on Him, He will not let me be shaken.”
  • “God’s power works best in weakness, for when I’m weak, God is strong.” 

Family Conversation Questions for the Week: (spend time talking with your circle)

  • Gather in a circle and whisper a message to the first person. See how it is translated by the time it goes completely around the circle. What does this prove? What do we know about ourselves from this game? 
  • Ask a trusted loved one to share if they perceive we have a blind spot or are in denial about a past hurt.
  • Consider utilizing outside help like joining a Freedom Group, going through RTF, and/or Christian counseling to help uncover, process, and heal hurts.