Big Idea

This week, Pastor Tracy Boyd wrapped up our At the Movies series by taking a look at Overcomer. in the movie, Coach John Harrison’s identity begins to shake when he finds out he will no longer be coaching what seemed to be a championship basketball team and is forced to coach cross country. Not only does Coach Harrison dislike running, but his superstar basketball team turns into a solo, asthmatic girl named Hannah Scott. As Coach Harrison’s friend, Thomas Hill challenges him to find his identity in God, Hannah Scott finds herself in a similar situation when she is told her father who was said to be dead for years is not only alive, but is Coach Harrison’s friend Thomas Hill. Pastor Tracy uses Hannah and Coach Harrison’s stories to illustrate how our lives were not meant to be lived without God and won’t make sense without God. She unravels how knowing our destiny begins with first knowing the One who created it.

We begin discovering our identity when we understand:

  • Our destiny is tied to whatever you give your heart to
  • The safest place for our heart is in the hands of God
  • God’s path will lead to destiny
  • Your path will lead to destruction
  • When you know whose you are and why you’re alive, you can face any challenge

We begin walking in our purpose when we believe:

  • Transformation comes from the inside out
  • God frees us to be what He created us to be
  • God frees us so we can live out our destiny
  • God frees us so we can live right

Discussion Questions

  • What may be stopping you from giving your full heart to God? What makes it difficult for you to trust God with your heart? How can you release those areas of your heart to Jesus?
  • How has God proven Himself faithful in your life? How can you use those experiences to trust Him with more of yourself?
  • What may limit you from understanding God’s full purpose in your life? How can you allow Him to show you more of His plans?
  • How have you experienced destruction as you abandon God’s plan and embrace your own? What can you do to help you stay committed to following God’s steps, knowing they are always good?
  • Who does God say you are? How does that relate to the purpose He has placed on your life?

Key Scriptures

Romans 8:28, 1 John 5:4, Proverbs 4:23, John 10:10, John 8:36