Once a year, we give the opportunity for Grow Church to go above and beyond normal giving that would impact the world around us. We call this our Legacy Giving. All funds go out to make a difference. Below are some of things problems that (because of you) got solved.

Missionary Training and City Outreach – 911 Life 

Problem: A city requirement for a commercial kitchen and a leaky roof filled with bats, roaches and rats. The threat of hindering growth going into 2020.

Because of you?They will have a fully funded new roof and commercial kitchen.

Mike Davis Elementary

Problem: Of 700 children, many were at risk of not having a gift for Christmas.

Because of you?700 children received a gift and a representation of the love of Jesus this holiday season.

Giving Tree

Problem: Families in our own church were struggling to supply for their children this year during the holidays.  

Because of you?They were supplied with multiple gifts and the excess of 200 gifts were given to families in need in Immokalee.

Path 2 Freedom ? Rescuing Human Trafficking Victims

Problem: Unable to keep their large property upkeep under control.

Because of you? They will have a new riding, zero turn lawn mower to help them keep their property trim and focus on the more important matters.

Church Planting ? 2 local and 2 national

Problem: Planting churches is very challenging, however the local church plant is the number one way people are exposed to the gospel of Jesus.

Because of you? 4 churches have received $5,000 ea to help them in their church plants.

Viento FrescoFaith Based Sports Program

Problem: Youth being pursued and taken into drug trafficking and human trafficking on the streets of Medellin, Colombia.

Because of you? The door of purpose and possibility will be opened for a waiting list that currently is keeping youth out of this program and currently at risk.

Haiti Support ? Place of Hope 

Problem: A church with a bad, leaky roof in need of funds for replacement.

Because of you? That church has received the funds to replace their roof and spread the gospel to their community.

Persecuted Christians Organizations (2)

Problem: 245 million Christians are persecuted worldwide. This includes beatings, torture, confinement, isolation, rape, imprisonment, and discrimination.

Because of you? 2 organizations that support, bring attention to, and rescue persecuted Christians will have funding to continue their miraculous work.

Bahamas Rebuild Support ? Iris Relief

Problem: Bahamas were hit hard and having major issues in rebuilding their country?s infrastructure.

Because of you? They will have another injection of funding to help them continue their hard work in rebuilding what was lost.

Israel Support ? One for Israel

Problem: The gospel is being prevented from getting into Israel with much persecution and push back.

Because of you? Your generosity will help them continue their efforts in spreading the gospel of Jesus to ?God?s people? in the Holy Land.

A women?s rescue and training facility ? Mujer Talento (Colombia)

Problem: Women are being abused and left with no choice of business opportunity, forcing them into prostitution and human trafficking.

Because of you? They will have a funds to start a new training/production facility to allow more women to be rescued and trained.

Missionary to Japan ? Faith Roman

Problem: Our missionary to Japan is in need of a bike for transportation to save her around 2 hours a day on her feet.

Because of you? She will have her new bike and additional support to make sure that she is well supplied for the mission field.

And many more?

Thank you Grow Church for making a difference!