Main Idea
The unseen realm is a battleground of spiritual warfare where good and evil clash for the souls of men. Satan’s deceptive strategy has not changed in wanting to control us and keeping us from conforming to the image of Christ. He knows when we operate in Christ’s authority we can destroy demonic activity! It comes down to agreement and goes back to the garden. God created us in His image, designed to love and obey Him. He put two trees in the garden – 2 kinds of knowledge: TOL – dependence on God, or TOKGE – independence from God. Man was given instructions to not partake of TOKGE. Satan causes us to question God’s love, appeals to our senses, and tempts us to get agreement and gain control. But agreement with him means we experience evil.
Prior to Christ, we were led in our soulish realm which Satan influences the most. We got accustomed to eating from the tree of “Independence from God,” influenced by the world. When the world governs our lives through thought patterns, ideas and beliefs, strong holds form over time that conform us to Satan’s design. These combine to form a sense of identity and our view of life, and enter our souls, fusing to our nature. If they are not in line with God’s Word, we are being influenced from a strong hold. It’s the enemy masquerading as ourselves! Some strong holds are so well hidden in our thinking patterns, that we may reject the truth.
But Jesus has given us the keys! We have been given weapons to destroy strong holds. The Word with Holy Spirit are divine weapons. We ask Holy Spirit to help us see, we repent and break the agreement with the enemy, and we command in Jesus’ name for the strong hold to go. Then we fill the space with God’s Word.

Opening Question or Ice Breaker
Considering this battle for control: Talk about a time when you got lost, or a child was lost, or you lost control?

Discussion Question 1
What can we look for to help us recognize when we have fallen for Satan’s lies and are being used by him?

Have someone read out loud Romans 8:29 and Ephesians 6:12 and discuss:
How can we remain aware of this very real unseen realm?
What did we look like before we knew Christ?
How can we describe someone who is being conformed into the image of Christ?

Discussion Question 2
Discuss an example in your life that led to a strong hold that formed your sense of identity or view of life.

Have someone read out loud 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 and discuss:
What does waging war in the flesh look like?
How do we destroy arguments and lofty opinions raised against the knowledge of God?
What does it mean to take a thought captive to obey Christ?

Make It Practical – Apply the Word:
What do I need to learn from these scriptures and apply in my own life? Has God revealed anything that I need to repent from, or any lies I’ve agreed with? What scriptures can I start declaring to replace the lie?

Family Conversation Question for the Week: (spend time talking with your circle)
Ask a trusted loved one, who you can be transparent with, to help you by sharing an area they have recognized in you that could be a strong hold. And talk about ways to displace it and replace with the truth. Is there a strong hold that could have been transferred to your children that needs to be brought into the light?