The second heaven is the Unseen but Real spiritual realm where good and evil spirits clash in the battle for men’s souls. Lucifer (Satan) desired to be exalted to the highest place and didn’t like that God’s plan was to put men above angels. So, he convinced a host of the angelic beings to rebel. They were cast out of heaven and operate in the demonic realm, which is very real, very old, and very organized. Satan and his team have been masquerading as different names through false religions and the occult. 

Satanic hierarchy from top to bottom: Rulers > Principalities > Powers > Demons. Rulers govern over all levels on a global scale. Principalities preside over places of great influence. Powers blanket a given area with a particular brand of evil. Demons are the ground troops of hell. They infest mankind but also masquerade as human thought. They are crafty – they operate through deception to gain agreement by appealing to the sense realm. Once there’s agreement, they can manipulate and control. 

BUT, with the coming of Christ and authority being restored to man, things began to change as the rise of Christianity occurred. As the church gives more place to Jesus, principalities are displaced. Here are ways we can minimize the effects of evil spirits. Live out the truth that you know as you immerse and quickly obey what you hear in the Word. Stay submitted to a community of believers. AND Do Not Fear!!! Practice the presence of God, stay in His Word so you’ll be strong and wise, and you won’t be deceived when attacks come. You’ll respond out of your partnership with Jesus.

1st Week Ice Breaker

Share your name, how long at Grow, and tell us about something that always picks you up or makes you happy.

Discussion Question 1

How do you feel about the second heaven and the unseen battle for men’s souls? 


Have someone read Ephesians 6:12-20 and Revelation 12:9 and discuss:

  1. How do we fight and what are our weapons?
  2. Who are we NOT fighting against?
  3. Who are the real players hidden behind the curtain?

Discussion Question 2

Share how we can respond to temptations that appeal to our senses, so we don’t give agreement to the devil.


Have someone read Matthew 10:7-8 and Hebrews 10:24-25 and 1 John 4:4 discuss:

  1. What are some specific benefits to Christians meeting together?
  2. What hinders us from praying for others?
  3. In what ways can we remind ourselves of who we are in Christ?

Make It Practical – Apply the Word:

This week let’s protect our time reading His Word, sitting in His presence, and gathering in community so we are not deceived, and we are equipped and are transformed more into His image. 

  1. Now that we know what’s happening behind the curtain, what’s one step we can take personally to ensure we’re not deceived?
  2. How can we pray in unity about a specific oppression that is evident in our area/community? (displacing)

Family Conversation Question for the Week: (spend time talking with your circle)

How can I better respond to someone in my life who appears to be against me or attacking me?