Apr 15

Breakthru: Are You Expecting Unpack Notes

Big Idea

Leaving behind momentary breakthrough and stepping into a lifestyle of breakthrough is established on our belief that God is able to do more than we can ask, think or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). It is a lifestyle that responds to the goodness of God’s nature in all areas of lack, sickness, brokenness and sorrow, looking beyond the present situation and believes with total confidence God meant it when He said we are to be free, live in abundance, lack nothing and reign in victory. Yet often times, we find it easy to say we know God as a Father who will provide everything we need, restore our broken relationships and carry us into greater purpose, without fully believing it in our hearts. And as we stand disappointed in the lack of God’s manifested presence in our lives, we can forget that while God is able to do more than we can ask, think or imagine, He establishes His promises on the premise that all things are possible to those who believe (Mark 9:23). In this week’s message, Pastor Tracy unravels how our journey into a lifestyle of breakthrough is, at times, limited by our unbelief, but flourishes as we allow the expectation of faith to arise within us. 

God is able to do whatever He wants through His sovereignty; yet He’s unwilling to allow His power to compromise our free will because it is our free will, which turns our cooperation with God from religion to relationship. God hasn’t created us to be robots, but rather His children. He hasn’t created us to follow orders, but rather delight in obedience. He hasn’t created us to be emotionless, but rather be overtaken by His grace and love. And He doesn’t want us to test Him, but rather believe Him. As God yields His power to our cooperation within our free will, He is able to reveal Himself as the merciful, forgiving and loving Father He calls Himself to be. He gives us room to admit our imperfect situations, establish our need for His intervening hand and responds to our desperation by drawing near to us (James 4:8). But as we look at our situations questioning, “How on earth could they ever get better?” as we believe we’re too unworthy or disqualified to walk in our purpose, as we look at our mistakes and are shamefully convinced that because we knew better and still sinned, there’s no way God can deliver us from our bondage, we abandon all God has called Himself to be over our situations, ultimately hardening our heart towards the gentleness of His compassion. We give into previous notions that claim God to be far away, judgmental and ruthless in punishment. In our unbelief, we limit God from pouring forth His promises over our lives because we wouldn’t believe it was Him even if He did. When we make our dependence on God a personal choice, we in turn, chose to trust God when all else doesn’t make sense. We abandon our previous knowledge of who we once that He was and allow God to reveal Himself as something new in His grace and mercy. We are stating in the depth of our hearts that regardless of what our lives look like, regardless of how broken our surroundings may be, we believe that God is faithful and will fulfill every word He has spoken (Isaiah 55:11). It’s a choice which acknowledges God’s ability and desire to turn our messes into miracles – one, which opens the door for Him to do so.

It’s important for us to establish our faith and belief in God as we look towards a lifestyle of breakthrough because as our belief is fed, our expectation rises. And as our expectation arises, our breakthrough arrives. Breakthrough comes on the wings of knowing something greater is to follow. When we find ourselves in a stance of faith, believing God’s word will never return void, we begin to perceive our current situations as temporary. We no longer accept our plagued identity, broken relationships, and debt filled finances. Instead, we cling to our identity as God’s children destined for glory, seeking restoration and awaiting an abundant lifestyle. We clearly see God’s promise on the other side of our imperfection and eagerly await its arrival. Our expectation for greater things to come leads us away from the bondage and destructive thinking associated with our situations and leads us down the path towards God’s goodness. Our faith reveals God’s nature to us, while our expectation keeps our eyes on Him and His manifestation. Our faith in God’s goodness speaks to our mind, will and emotions. It tempers our stress and anxiety as we face trials and tribulations; but it is our expectation which motivates us to relentlessly fight through the walls in front of us and find ourselves walking in our breakthrough. 

Discussion Questions

  • Continue to think about the breakthrough you are asking from God. Is there any part of you God’s promise that you don’t believe? If so, what is it? What do you think has caused you to hold onto this unbelief?
  • What things may cause you to walk in unbelief? How have those areas of unbelief changed your view on God? How have the effected the way you approach God in prayer, especially as you run towards Him in petition?
  • How do you think your unbelief has limited God from carrying you into your breakthrough? 
  • What are things you can do to increase your faith?
  • When you ask God for breakthrough do you find yourself praying with expectation or rather questioning if your life could really be that way?
  • What may stop you from expecting the arrival of God’s promises? 
  • How can you increase expectation within your prayers to where they reflect the lifestyle and breakthrough God wants to give you?
  • How do you think seeing your life as if God’s promises have already been done can help increase your expectation?
  • What makes it difficult for you to receive your breakthrough? 

Prayer Focus

Thank God for being a perfect and faithful Father. Praise God that our faith is a product of His Spirit and not our own strength. Ask God to increase your faith and help you believe God for greater breakthrough in your life. Praise God for tearing through any barriers of unbelief in your heart. Thank God for always wanting to take you from glory to glory. Ask God to increase your expectancy that He will come through in all areas of your life. Pray that God would show you what your life looks like on the other side of your breakthrough. 

Leader Tips

Encourage your group members by helping them see what their situations look like on the other side of their breakthrough. Encourage your group members to pray as if what they’re hoping for has already been done, reminding them their breakthrough comes as they humbly receive it. Lead your group members to scripture that reassures them of God’s promises if they are struggling with unbelief. Encourage your group members to continue to meditate on scripture that reveals the heart and nature of the Father.