Apr 29

Breakthru: Living In Breakthru Unpack Notes

Big Idea

God’s desire is to take us from glory to glory (2 Corinthians 3:18). His desire is to lift us up when we’re burdened by the weight of our circumstances, heal us when we’re sick, provide for us when it looks like we won’t make ends meet and give us peace when we find ourselves full of anger, bitterness and unforgiveness; but God’s desire to take us from glory to glory stands true even when our lives have never been better. When everything is good, when our soul is full of peace, our finances are stable, our family is in good health and our relationships are flourishing, God’s desire remains the same, for He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). Even in the good moments of our lives, God’s desire is to carry us into greater levels of faith, purpose and freedom. Yet we often times limit ourselves from experiencing such a life as we’re deceived into believing that we’ll be all good once we receive our breakthrough for our here and now; that once we endure our current struggle we won’t need anything else from God. We limit ourselves when we believe what we are able to give ourselves is greater than what God can give us. We bind ourselves to a life, which strives after a single moment of breakthrough, while God created us to live in a constant state of breakthrough. In this week’s message, Pastor Tracy reveals our soul (mind, will and emotions) is the key to living in breakthrough and equips us with ways to ensure our souls are filled with the presence of God. 

Our soul is the key to a lifestyle of breakthrough because what lives in our minds, wills and emotions determines what we will become. Regardless of where we go, our eyes and ears are constantly bombarded with the thoughts, ideals and belief systems of our surroundings – surroundings, which both resonate with the nature of God and the nature of the fallen world we live in. We can’t assume because we believe in Christ we’ll forever be protected by the hatred echoing on every news station, the spirits of jealousy and inadequacy flowing through social media and the layers of false doctrine upholding our nation’s higher education systems. We live in a fallen world and will inevitably find ourselves immersed in its thought patterns and beliefs; but it’s when we feed our souls with such ideas that our hearts become set with beliefs contrary to God’s design. When we listen to our boss’ words claiming us to be failures, when we accept the disobedience of our children as their natural behavior and when we don’t believe can make a difference, we feed our minds, wills and emotions with the poison of this world. Consequently, we reproduce what we witness and digest, for as a man thinks he is (Proverbs 23:7). Before we know it, these false beliefs of doubt, condemnation and weakness begin to dominate in our heart, even when our minds know the promises of God we once thought, experienced and understood to be true. But if we are going to shake off the negativity and destructive belief systems of the world we live in, we must first ensure we digest the proper food.

The best diets don’t focus on stopping us from eating all together, but rather focus on eliminating the destructive foods and replacing them with foods full of nutrients, vitamins and proper proteins. The same is necessary for our souls as we seek to live in breakthrough. We must adopt a spiritual diet which, eliminates ourselves from all moral filth and replaces it with the word of God planted in us (James 1:21). We eliminate ourselves from all moral filth when we deny ourselves and pick up our cross. Denying ourselves and picking up our cross is not walking into a boring, mundane, fruitless life. It is understanding God created us to be confident, joyful, bold, peaceful, influential and whole, while denying ourselves from anything contrary to what God says about us and anything He has for us. Denying ourselves is refusing to give fear, anxiety, attitude, shame and bitterness any access into our lives. It is refusing to give attention to music, advertisements, movies and even language which echo the ways of this world. And while we rid ourselves from all immorality, we are called to feast on the word of God, surrender ourselves and pursue His kingdom and righteousness. 

The word of God has the power to save (Romans 1:16). It has the power to transform, heal and restore. But it must be protected and watered. Living in breakthrough abandons a nonchalant attitude towards the word and embraces a dedicated life of mediation and protection. Storing up God’s word in our heart allows us to face our broken situations and have confidence in how God has called us to live, while drawing on His supernatural wisdom and following God down the path of righteousness (Psalm 119:11). It provides us with the strength to abandon ourselves and rely fully on His strength and power. Feeding ourselves with God’s presence is more than supplying our souls with the things we need. It’s also filling ourselves up with a love which embraces the sacrifice of existing for others. Jesus denied Himself just as He calls us to, but He did so as He picked up His cross. Living in breakthrough embraces a lifestyle that focuses on giving God’s love, forgiveness, grace and outstretched hand to the broken people around us. We open the door for God to give us more than we need when we surrender ourselves and care for others by giving them the very things God first gave us. God’s desire is to do much more in our lives than give us our basic needs. What matters most to God is that we would live in the fullness of our purpose by drawing those near to us, near to Him. When we seek first His kingdom and His ways of living, we create a lifestyle full of caring, praying and giving to God’s people – a lifestyle which when embraced requires a constant supernatural touch of God’s breakthrough. 

Discussion Questions

  • What are false heart beliefs that have stopped you from living in breakthrough? What do you believe is the root of them? How have they stopped you from living in breakthrough?
  • What does God say that is contrary to those heart beliefs? 
  • How can you be intentional in storing up God’s word deep within your heart? How will this help lead you past your false heart beliefs? 
  • What things have you been giving access into your heart that have been holding your soul back from living in breakthrough? How can you deny yourself of such things? What can you replace them with that will supply you with God’s nature?
  • What are daily ways you can surrender yourself and exist for others? What has God given you that you are able to give away? 
  • How does seeking God’s ways of life and His righteousness position your heart in a place where it can receive more from God than your basic needs?
  • How have you experienced breakthrough in these past few weeks?

Prayer Focus

Praise God for giving you His word as a lamp unto you feet and a light unto your path (Psalm 119:105). Praise God for planting seeds of faith deep within your heart. Ask God to reveal any false heart beliefs that have dominated your soul. Invite the Holy Spirit into your heart in order to remove those beliefs, thanking Him fro replacing them with God’s truth. Thank God for giving you the strength to deny yourself from all things contrary to Him in your life. Ask God to increase your capacity to love His children. Pray that God would give you daily opportunities to be a blessing and a light to those around you. Praise God for meeting all of your needs and leading you into a life where you can live in breakthrough. 

Leader Tips

Share any testimonies you’ve received regarding your group members’ recent breakthroughs. Lead your group members to scripture that speaks against their false heart beliefs. Help find creative ways they can plant seeds of God’s word into their hearts on a daily basis. Encourage your group members that as they pursue moments where they can be a blessing, God will take care of their basic needs. Remind them all it takes is having the desire to find a need and meet the need. Encourage your group members that if they have yet to experience their breakthrough, God’s timing is perfect.