Big Idea

God, as our holy Maker, has called each of us for the purpose of reflecting His glory among the earth in ways we could never fully imagine. Many of us struggle in feeling disqualified to not only fulfill His audacious plans for our lives, but also to simply enter into His presence. However, God?s Word assures us He calls us by name, He calls us out of sin and He calls us into His grace for the sake of drawing us into a deep relationship with Him.

Romans 8:30 states, ?Those God predestined, He also called; and those He called, He also justified; and those He justified, He also glorified.? (NIV) Long before our generation, God established we would reveal His glory as sons and daughters of the Almighty.

Yet, our ability to break through our walls of disqualification doesn?t exist in our own strength. We break the bondage of disqualification and walk confidently in our identity as we allow the Holy Spirit to remove the veils over our eyes, speak truth into who we don?t think we are, and multiply the fruit of His Word in our lives through the seeds of faith He already planted in us.

God sees us in ways the world never will-and as we listen to God?s voice, cast down false imaginations, and allow His Word to show us our true identity, we will begin to see ourselves in the same way He does. We’ll see we are made to be beautiful, powerful, confident, holy and beloved.

Discussion Questions

  • In what areas of your life do you feel disqualified and what makes you feel that way?
  • What does God say about your identity in those areas and how can we begin to accept what He says as truth?
  • How can we begin to take our focus off our own abilities and begin to rely more on the Holy Spirit?
  • What things is God calling you to as you walk in your true identify, and how will that impact the world around you?

Prayer Focus

Thank You, Father, for calling my name before I knew you. I praise You for uniquely making me in your hands with a purpose far beyond anything I can imagine. I worship You for calling me out of sin and into Your glory. Holy Spirit, show me the areas in which I have believed lies of disqualification and reveal your truth to me. Lord, help me to be intentional to read, receive, and accept your Word. God, show me your design and purpose for my life, and help me to reflect your glory to the world around me.