Big Idea

The world has trained us that money is one way we find significance, happiness and validation, and in doing so, the world has indirectly trained us to have a divided heart. Oftentimes we desire a close relationship with God, but are pulled toward the enticing ideas the world presents to us. We have the internal desire to be successful and financially stable. Yet, we believe success comes through striving and selfishness. The downfall of this belief is that money quickly becomes first in our lives.

God desires us to have an abundant and successful life. He desires that we would experience the glory of His riches in heaven here on earth. But above all, God’s desire is that He would have first place in our lives. God knows that if He has our hearts, we’ll make room for Him to transform our nature into His, ultimately creating generous hearts within all of us.

Our transformation from selfishness to generosity begins when we understand:

  • The world teaches us to let money occupy a big space in our hearts
  • God doesn’t need our money; He wants our hearts
  • What we do with our money reflects what’s first in our hearts
  • God has to be first
  • The first belongs to God
  • We should surrender our will for His principles
  • God gave His first to redeem us

Discussion Questions

  • How much space does money occupy in your heart? If money occupies a large space in your heart, why is that? If money occupies a small space in your heart, what has helped you be generous with your money?
  • Why may it be difficult for you to be generous with your money? What steps can you take to be more generous?
  • What can you do to make sure God is getting your heart above all else? How can you let Him show you He is deserving of your heart?
  • How can you find ways to be generous with your money? What can you do to be generous with things other than your money (e.g. your time, your energy, etc.)
  • Pastor Tracy mentioned we do not give the tithe to God, but rather we bring the tithe to God. We don’t give God the tithe because we don’t give God what is already His. How can you allow God to shape your way of thinking to where you bring the tithe, rather than give it to Him?

Important Scripture

Proverbs 11:25, Hosea 4:6, Genesis 4:3-5, Genesis 14:18-20, Exodus 3:12-13, Exodus 23:19, Proverbs 3:9-10, Malachi 3:8-11, Deuteronomy 14:23, Psalm 27:4, Mark 12:41-44