Transforming tomorrow, today!

Our goal is for Grow Kids to be the best hour of your child’s week!
We have intentionally created spaces where your child can
experience God in an age appropriate way.



No matter which campus or service you attend, Grow Kids is available during all Sunday services.


Both Grow Kids Playhouse and Grow Kids Elementary have age appropriate Bible based lessons that present the word of God in fun and memorable way.


Every Grow Kids Team Member has been thoroughly background checked. We also provide a secure check-in/ check-out process so you can relax knowing your child is safe!

A message from our Grow Kids Staff

At Grow Kids, you can take a breath & relax by knowing your kids are safe & secure while having fun, meeting new friends & discovering more about God’s Word every week!

We have incredible team members that work hard to create the atmosphere at Grow Kids. Each of them receives excellent training and goes through a thorough background check to ensure your child’s safety.  They engage the kids to help them realize how much Jesus loves them & to make it “the best hour of your kids week!”

We offer age specific classes so kids can interact with other kids their own age and learn in a way that connects with them. In our Elementary class, we even enjoy small groups to help kids make real & lasting friendships.

Whether you find yourself checking in your child to Grow Kids Playhouse or Grow Kids Elementary we are here to serve him or her in a loving, exciting & secure environment.

Grow Kids Staff  

Child Dedications

As a church, we desire to partner with you by giving you tools to nurture, teach, and care for your child in a Christian home. Child Dedication is a time when we gather with family and friends committing to raise your children in a way that honors God. We understand that children are a gift from God and want to celebrate that.


Build a Spirtual Foundation

Asking Jesus to be your Lord and Savior is a life-changing decision. The day someone says yes to Jesus is a BIG DEAL!!!
Is your child asking questions about living for God? If you think your child  could be ready, check out this parent guide to help navigate this conversation. 


Kids Baptism

At Grow Church, we believe baptism is an outward expression of the inward decision to follow Jesus. In Grow Kids, we talk a lot about baptism and we would love to partner with you in deciding if your child is ready for this important moment. This guide will help you have a meaningful conversation with your child about the true meaning of Baptism.


Check out our Parent Resources page!


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