Choose your favorite way to give.

You’ve got options when you’re deciding how to give at Grow Church.

Grow Church App

Simply add your debit card to our secure app. Once registered set up reoccurring giving or simply give any amount with the push of a button.

You can give with the click of a button.

Give on the Grow Church App


We’ll link your mobile phone number with the credit or debit card you provide and you’ll be ready to give securely and instantly.

You can give tithes and offerings via text message.

  • Text any amount to 84321.

  • For your first time, Select Grow Church from list

  • Enter your email & register a credit/debit card.

  • Save the number in your contacts for easy future giving.
  • After setup, just text any amount to 84321 and you’re done.

    Online Giving

    By setting up an online profile, you can easily and quickly take action on your generosity.

    You can give with the click of a button.

    Give Online

    In Person Giving

    While you’re attending a service at Grow Church, you can use giving envelopes or giving drop boxes
    for your convenience and security.

    You can make your gifts in person using cash, checks, or debit/credit cards.

    Access Your Giving Statement

    At Grow Church we like to make things easy! Rather than sending you your giving statement before you’re ready, access it when you’re ready for it.

    Access your Giving Statement now.

    Get Statement

    Give with AMEX Points

    Give AMEX points with JustGiving

    AMEX has partnered with JustGiving to allow you to convert your AMEX points as a monetary donation.

    Step 1: Click here to create a JustGiving account

    Step 2: Click here to donate to Grow Church

    Step 3: Select amount, then click continue

    Step 4: Select “Pay by Card”

    Step 5: Use your AMEX card, you will automatically be shown the available point balance and its associated dollar value for use on JustGiving

    Step 6: Enter the dollar amount for which you would like to receive a statement credit and click “Apply to my donation”

    Give with AMEX Points