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Grow Teams

Life gets fun when you live beyond yourself.

Grow Teams are one of the greatest ways to get involved at Grow Church. They consist of amazing people that have discovered their gifts and passions and are actively serving in them. Whether it’s directing guests in the parking lot, preparing coffee, controlling the lights during a service, or investing in the lives of the next generation, we make a difference in the lives of others by finding a team that best fits our sweet spot.


Events, Facilities, Giving Bags, + Document Translation
Throughout the week and on Sundays we prepare environments to celebrate people and on Sunday connect them to the vision of Grow Church.


Photography, Social Media, + Videography
We make a difference by using our gifts to help people connect with the heart and culture of Grow Church.


Connection, Kids Connect Corner, Greeters, Grow Store, Parking, Hospitality, Translation Radios, Usher, + VIP

Every person should experience the love of Christ in a tangible way, and ensure we connect with guests.


Grow Kids, Bubble Club, Grow Students, + Grow Young Adults We see our young people as the future of the church and help them pursue a personal relationship with Christ.


Church Online + Zoom Prayer

We use our Online resources to reach beyond the borders of Southwest Florida and help people connect no matter where they are located.


Set-up and Teardown + Load-in and Load Out

We help setup environments for families to have a place to worship close to their home.


IT, Lights, Media, Producer, Sound, + Live Translation

Behind the scenes we’re setting up your Sunday experience.


Campus Safety + Medics

The health and safety of every person is our priority.


Altar Prayer, Grow Group Lead Team, Grow Steps, Intercessory Prayer, + Water Baptism

We come into agreement about the things that matter most for you and assist in helping you make decisions on your next step.


Musician + Vocalists

We set the tone for the service and help each Grow guest engage in worship to the Lord.

Interested in serving?

Take your next step in joining a Grow Team. Click below so we can get you more information and see what God can do through you!

Grow Teams FAQs

You can also e-mail us with any Grow Team related questions at

How do I get involved at Grow?

The first step to getting involved at Grow is to participate in our two week course called Grow Steps. You can sign up to attend your first class here.

What is Grow Steps?

Grow Steps exists to help you take your next step on your spiritual journey so you can be one step closer to your God given purpose. 

Why is Grow Steps important to joining a team?

Grow Steps helps each guest understand the mission, vision, and values of Grow Church. Attending helps you become prepared with information, so you feel equipped to make a difference on a grow team.

What happens when I decide to join a team?

You will be contacted by the team trainer, as each team has a training process for their area. The trainer will go over everything you will need to know to feel comfortable serving on the team.

I'm very busy, how much of a time commitment is required?

Every team has different time commitment levels. However, our golden rule for teams is this: Sit One, Serve One. This means we strive to have every team member worship one service and serve another. So they’re not serving every single service. We all need to sit and receive.

What if I join a team and don't like it?

Before you join any team, you’ll spend a day shadowing the team. The goal of shadowing before you join is to make sure it’s the right fit for you. If you end up joining and then decide it’s not the right fit, that’s ok. Just let your team lead know and we’ll discover your next step together.


Grow Team members are invited to our annual party to celebrate a year of making a difference in many lives,

not only at Grow but in our neighboring community. Swipe through the photos below to get a small glimpse of the fun!

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