“I didn’t know” are words we often hear when people discover what God is really like. We tend to have one idea about God and what He’s like, only to find out that we didn’t know how good He really is. Here people share what they didn’t know about Him.


Rhonda thought it would take years to recover from the tragic loss of her little girl, but she didn’t know God was ready to start healing her hurt today. With God at the helm and surrounded by a church filled with loving people, Rhonda experienced healing and learned to live with joy again.
Ken and Sarah’s marriage was over. Lines were crossed. Hurt and distrust were the norm, and the divorce papers were drawn, but God knew of a better way. Watch their story.
Mary went in for a normal check up at the doctors, but the results weren’t so normal. She was waiting for the doctors, but she didn’t know her husband was praying for her healing and that Jesus was doing the extraction of the mass. Watch her story.
Carol had a surgery that injured her vocal cords. It left her struggling to talk and communicate at her place of work. She had a surgery scheduled to fix the issue, but she didn’t know that one prayer could heal her voice. Watch her story.
Jamie and Emily’s marriage was in a dark place. It was starting to affect the kids when they decided it was time to get help. They didn’t know that just by being close to God and putting Him first, they would be closer to each other. Watch their story.
Ted’s personal life was filled with anger and fear. One encounter with a believer put a spark of hope in him. He still had his doubts, but he didn’t know there was a safe place to ask his questions. Through that process, Ted was able to impact the lives of others. Watch his story.
Skip lost his son Josh to a drug overdose. He was attempting to deal with the pain on his own, but he didn’t know God was directing his path to a group of people who knew exactly what he was going through. Watch his story.
Mary Ann had over 40 food allergies and ulcerative colitis that had her life revolving around knowing where the closest restroom was. The symptoms were a major disruption, but she didn’t know that God wanted the same thing she wanted. Watch her story.


It’s great to hear how God has done things in the lives of others. But it’s even better to experience it yourself.


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