Big Idea

God?s desire is for all of His people to live in the abundance of His riches and glory. In other words, He desires for all of us to live free of any financial burden. Yet, the majority of our society admits to living under financial stress. This tension between God?s promise of abundance and our stressful reality leads to the question, ?How can we escape our financial burdens and walk in the riches of heaven??

In this week?s message, Pastor James Boyd gave us these three steps to experience financial freedom:

Understand God?s Part

  • Trust He knows your needs before you ask Him.
  • Trust He has promised to supply all your needs according to His riches and glory.
  • Trust He has given you the power and ability to gain wealth.

Do Our Part

  • See yourself as a steward who?manages what has been entrusted to him, rather than an owner who just?spends his wealth however he wants.
  • Be generous with your finances, knowing everything we have is a gift from God.

Experience God?s Nature

  • Give from a posture of love and not obligation.
  • Let go of all stress by resting in God?s faithfulness.

Taking these three steps will not only let us live free of financial worry, but most importantly, allow God to reveal Himself to those around us as we give everything in our lives back to Him.

Discussion Questions

  • In what areas of your finances is God calling you to walk in greater faith rather than in fear and control?
  • What are 1-2 practical steps you can take to becoming a?steward of the wealth and resources you?ve been given instead of acting like the owner?
  • How can we approach tithing with a heart of generosity and worship instead of mere obedience or sense of obligation?
  • As you take steps for God to bring financial increase, in what ways would you desire to use that abundance to make a difference in the world around you?

Prayer Focus

  • Thank you, Father, that You provide us with everything we need. Thank You for also giving us the ability to receive and steward an abundance of wealth to impact the world around us. Thank You for Your faithfulness that allows us to rest in You and be at peace in all areas of our lives, even our finances.
  • God, help us to be generous stewards of all you give us and not to allow fear to create any form of stinginess or selfish ambition. Help us to manage our finances as an act of worship to You for Your great love and faithfulness.
  • Holy Spirit, guide us in every moment to make wise decisions with our finances, to keep your Kingdom purpose in front of us, and to always trust in You to make the way, even when we can?t see it.