Big Idea

One of the greatest ways God reveals Himself to the world around us is through our families and close relationships. In fact, man’s solitude in the Garden of Eden was the only thing God deemed as unacceptable. He despises the idea of us being alone because there’s a measure of His love and grace we can only experience through the intimacy we have with our spouses, children and close friends.

The key to seeing our relationships adopt the divine nature of God is understanding divine relationships are birthed out of divine priorities. Whatever is first in our lives has the greatest impact on them. So, when we uphold God as our first priority, our families as second and our purpose as third, we establish a lifestyle of God-relying rather than self-obtaining. We open the door for God to influence our relationships through the power of His Spirit.

However, inviting God into our relationships is only the first step. God’s Word shows us we have a responsibility to partner with Him in the process. In 1 Peter 3, we see God calling us to press for unity at all costs, to be tender and humble-hearted, to bless our loved ones rather than retaliate, and to honor our families in our communication. God encourages us to search for peace and work to maintain it, because it produces the fertile ground He needs to manifest His goodness to the world through our relationships.

Discussion Questions

  • What are some practical things you can do in your relationships to protect and cultivate unity?
  • What roadblocks to humility do you see in your live, and how can they be removed?
  • What does the divine picture of your relationships look like? What is the Holy Spirit telling you is your part to play?
  • How may we impact those around us when the see God’s divine nature within our relationships?

Prayer Focus

Thank you, Jesus, for empowering us with Your divine nature in our relationships so we can display God’s good and glorious character to the world around us, while also walking fully in all the blessings you have for our lives. God, help us to keep the order of You, our family and our purpose as first priorities, so we are positioned to walk in Your divine nature. Help us to rely on You in all things, rather than settle for the imitations and dysfunction of trying to obtain through our own abilities. Holy Spirit, help us to clearly see the strategies and tactics the enemy is using against our relationships, to talk in the authority You’ve given us to effectively eliminate those tactics with Your Word and principles, and fully receive the promises of life and blessing You have for us within our relationships.