Touching our World

Global Missions at Grow Church

Going beyond and reaching our Nation for Christ.

“Yes, you will be enriched in every way so that you can always be generous. So two good things will result from this ministry of giving; the needs of (others) will be met, and they will joyfully express their thanks to God. As a result of your ministry, they will give glory to God.” 1 Corinthians 9:11-13

Global Partner Organizations we support at Grow Church:

Grow Church Global Partner Organizations

Canopy Global

A non-profit organization providing a varied canopy of services to support the health of the individual and family, relieve the suffering of the most vulnerable, and promote cooperation and peace among all people. Their vision is to provide compassionate care to those in need both locally and abroad. Canopy Global Foundation also serves to guide world leaders in the development of policies and educational programs to affect positive change internationally.

City Serve

CityServe trains, equips, and mobilizes the local church to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ in its community through compassion.

Christian Freedom International

Christian Freedom International (CFI) aids, equips and advocates for Christians who are oppressed or persecuted for their faith.

CFI provides spiritual and physical help for suffering Christians to live in the dignity of God’s love and rise above their circumstances.

CFI offers ways for Christians to ease the burdens of persecuted Christians through prayer, action, and giving.


To make God’s Word accessible to all people by 2033.

International Christian Concern

Since ICC’s creation in 1995, they have developed an effective and efficient system of bringing relief to persecuted Christians in need. They team up with trustworthy partners on the ground to develop and implement both immediate aid and long-term assistance projects. ICC staff then monitor their projects to ensure faithfulness to biblical principles and wise stewardship of funds.

JH Israel

Through the National Leadership Center, JH Israel has established a creative partnership with the City of Ariel and the Israeli Ministry of Education. The need for strong values and moral character in leadership has never been more evident. JH Israel collaborates directly with Israeli leaders to develop a biblical, values-based educational initiative to meet this need.

JH Israel focuses on 5 areas of leadership development:
1. A Leadership Journey with Biblical Content
2. An Extraordinary Environment
3. A team of well-equipped trainers
4. A Unique Educational Experience
5. Telling Israel’s story

Keith Butler Ministries

Keith Butler Ministries (KBM) is an international ministry established by Keith and Deborah Butler with the goal of TEACHING the Word, DOING the Work, and TOUCHING the World. We began this mission in 1979 in Southfield, Michigan. Globally, this mission is upheld by the grace of God and through the generous support of our partners and friends.

A large part of our commitment to reach the world with the message of Faith in God is through training others who will fulfill the Great Commission. PISTIS School of Ministry is our Bible training center. The program uses a two-year curriculum that is designed to prepare and equip ministers to go out and preach the Gospel. KBM is steadfast in sharing the message of Faith in God and training those who are called to do the same across the globe.

Live Dead

Live Dead is committed to taking the church where it does not exist. We are committed to making a difference in the statistic that 40% of the world lives without access to Christ. Live Dead’s strategy to execute this vision is to plant churches among unreached people groups through multi-national teams. Whatever our engagement, our goal is churches.

Mujer Talento

At the Fundación Mujer Talento we train, restore and empower women from vulnerable populations in the talent of industrial clothing – free of charge. Their purpose: Transformation with love, the love of Jesus.

One For Israel

Established in 1990, One For Israel began as a Bible college and has since expanded to a multi-faceted ministry with the express goal of reaching Israelis with the Good News of Yeshua, training and equipping the Body of Messiah in Israel, and blessing our community with Yeshua’s love.

One Hope

Together, we can share the hope of the Gospel with the next generation. Millions of children globally have yet to experience God’s Word. We collaborate with local churches and other partners to share Scripture resources with young people.

ReMade India

Located in Lebanon, Indiana, ReMade partners with businesses and enterprises in India to not only purchase products, but to build relationships and to offer employment and empowerment to underprivileged people. We also offer educational classes, language services, and other training. 100% of the proceeds from our sales and services go back into the running of ReMade and for the betterment of our employees’ lives, families, and communities. ReMade: Transformation is our business.


Teaching Authorities Christian Truths in Central America

We have partnered with a member of Grow Church and his co-instructors who travel to Costa Rica to train and guide police officers in gun range, Krav Maga, and other police tactics. More importantly, the officers will receive spiritual training through daily devotions, instructor testimonies, and small group settings, where the deepest issues facing law enforcement officers are brought to light. Each officer will be gifted a Bible and taught the importance of wearing the Armor of God daily. The week long training culminates with the Gospel presentation and an opportunity to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Vapor Ministries

Vapor Ministries operates multiple ministry centers in multiple countries, serving hundreds of thousands on a weekly basis and employing hundreds of indigenous people. Each year, Vapor Ministries is serving tens of millions of cups of clean water, serving hundreds of thousands of meals through centers and providing health services to thousands of people in desperate need.

Viento Fresco Foundation – Colombia

Viento Fresco’s mission is to provide an environment where children and their families can connect with and personally encounter their heavenly Father. They provide safe and excellent child care for at-risk children, attending to all aspects of need in their lives. This includes exceptional nutrition, education, social and psychological care, as well as spiritual guidance and formation.

With the understanding that behind every child at high risk is a parent at high risk, they also provide education, counseling, spiritual guidance and professional assistance to parents, helping them to find the appropriate resources for their situation.

Their vision is to see the fresh wind of the Holy Spirit move in the lives and hearts of these children, breaking the cycles of wickedness and violence in the lives of the children and their families, and releasing the manifest blessing of God in the community of Niquitao and over Medellin.


Watoto is a family made of people from all over the world who are working together to ensure that the forgotten have a place to belong. In 1984, during a time of civil war, we planted a local church in Kampala, Uganda to speak hope and life to the nation. Since then, they’ve rescued orphaned and abandoned children, placing them in loving families. And they’ve come alongside vulnerable women, equipping them with skills and empowering them to be the mothers and leaders God has called them to be. To help their hurting neighbors, they also expanded their reach into South Sudan, embracing their sisters and brothers with the love of Jesus, and helping meet their most critical needs.

911 Life

911 Life is an organization focused on helping to restore vulnerable women, children, and families of Colombia, South America. The bilingual programs at 911 Life offer mentorship, discipleship, and education in an effort to rehabilitate the entire family through the perfect love of God.