Sep 09

Walking the dog to a miracle!

I was recently out walking the dog and ended up severely spraining my right ankle. The urgent care doctor told me it would have healed more quickly if I had broken it, now it would take well over a month. I didn’t receive his report. That Friday at a Life... read more →
Sep 07

“No complications in Jesus name!”

I really enjoy mountain biking. I was very excited when my friend asked me to go for a ride after being out of town for a few weeks. Once we were on the trails, I realized my body hadn't recovered yet from all of the traveling, but there was only... read more →
Sep 05

God paid back…with interest!

2 years ago I found myself facing considerable IRS debt that had resulted from the actions of another person. I knew that I wasn’t responsible for this debt; however, the IRS maintained that I was. Every “legal and tax expert” I consulted told me I was stuck...that the IRS “wouldn't... read more →
Aug 13

Congrats to Life Christian Church softball

Wanted to congratulate Life Christian Church Troy Campus softball team for making it all the way through the season in a higher division!  Nice job at the playoffs today boys.  2nd in the league is a great accomplishment for the more intense schedule.  Great work and bigger and better next... read more →
Aug 12

Life Christian Church Naples Campus merge

Life Christian Church Naples Campus is a new ministry to Naples, FL.  As Fisherman's Home Church was in need of some extra support in the last 3-6 months, Pastor Sarah Marie felt called to help.  In the process of helping this church stand back on it's feet and reach for... read more →