Sep 15

Help Me God, I’m Lonely Unpack Notes

Big Idea It’s hard to believe that with the rise of technology and ease we have in communication, that many Americans would consider themselves lonely; however, as we commonly think of loneliness as being in solitude, loneliness is rooted in the lack of meaningful relationships - an issue we face... read more →
Jul 22

The Kingdom is Making a Difference Unpack Notes

Big Idea We all have dreams, desires and passions that we constantly hope will take us to places we never imagined. Within these yearnings rest the longing to move things forward in society, bring justice into unfair situations, improve the circumstances around us and bring life to the dead areas... read more →
Jul 15

The Kingdom Is Power Unpack Notes

Big Idea God promised that He would do exceedingly above all we could ask or think; and while many of us look at this promise as the open door to see our dreams and imaginations come to fruition in our lives, we often times disconnect it from relationship it has... read more →
Jul 08

The Kingdom Is Panel Unpack Notes

Big Idea This week we continued our Kingdom Is... series by hearing from a six person panel of Grow Church’s up and coming communicators. Each one was given the opportunity to express what their view of the Kingdom of God is in a short, yet powerful six minutes. As Joe... read more →
Jun 30

The Kingdom Is Generous Unpack Notes

Big Idea God gave up His Son, Jesus so He could have us. He gave everything He had with the hope that we would one day say yes to Jesus and enter into an intimate relationship with Him; and even after He delivered Jesus into the hands of man, God... read more →