Big Idea

While we often look to God solely for a miracle of breakthrough, God loves spending time with us along the journey of our lives. God wants our relationship with Him to consistently evolve and move the next level. He loves when we get to know Him deeper. He never wants to leave us the same; His desire is to take us from glory to glory as we take on His image. In other words, God’s desire is to make us look, act and speak more like Him each chance He gets. The issue is we often believe getting to the next level of our faith rests in our own human strength, but that’s not the case. God is the one who takes us to the next level. Pastor Tracy opened our new message series by revealing our evolving journey with God begins when we understand the enslavement we once lived in and the freedom God gave us in the blood of Christ.

The level of enslavement is…

  • living independent from God.
  • choosing what we want over what God wants.

Through the blood of the lamb God supernaturally…

  • protects
  • provides
  • heals
  • delivers

Key Scriptures

2 Corinthians 3:18, Exodus 1:8-9,12, Exodus 12:23, Psalm 105:37, Exodus 14:28-30