Big Idea

God created us to do more in this world than simply take up space; He created us to help deliver His people into the same freedom we’ve found in Him. Just?as God desires our relationship with Him to constantly develop, God longs to see us grow and increase in our influence. He’s placed us where we are and created us during this time because He knows how we’re meant to impact the very world we are currently living in.?He knows the world’s values and definitions of success are not enough because His purpose for our lives contains the hope, love, freedom and transformation the world could never satisfy. God’s created us for glory.

We struggle to fulfill our purpose because we…

  • Try to make things happen in our own strength.
  • We struggle with identity.
  • We allow our past mistakes to disqualify us.
  • See ourselves differently than God sees us.

We go to the next level of our purpose by…

  • Allowing God to equip us supernaturally.
  • Being transformed in the presence of God.
  • Coming to the end of ourselves.
  • Partnering with God.
  • Hungering for Him, not His power.

Key Scriptures

2 Corinthians 3:18, Jeremiah 1:5, Exodus 3:9-12, Acts 7:24-25, Exodus 33:13