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Church isn’t just a building you walk in to, it’s a family you can belong to. Whether you’re near or far, through Grow Church Anywhere, church is wherever you are! Every Sunday, we host online services where you can experience uplifting worship music, hear an encouraging message, and get connected to a digital community.

This Week

What to Expect at Grow Church Anywhere

Here at Grow Church Anywhere, you can expect to experience church services with uplifting worship music, encouraging messages from our pastors, and opportunities for you to find people to do life with all throughout the week—we are Grow on the go!

Additional Resources for Everyone, Anywhere

Grow Church Online

Grow Steps

Grow Steps exists to help you take your next step on your spiritual journey so can be one step closer to your God given purpose. So whether you’re stuck in your spiritual journey or brand new to the faith and eager to do the next thing, Grow Steps will help you find and take that next step.

Grow Groups

Imagine reaching personal prayer goals with the help and encouragement of others. Imagine finding support and care from others after sharing some of life’s hardest struggles. Better yet, imagine if you were able to learn a new skill, sport, or hobby with people who make you laugh as you learn and grow. Join a group this season and experience the life changing impact that relationships bring.

Prayer + Care

As a church our first response is prayer in every situation. If you need prayer or to talk to someone, our passionate Care Facilitators consist of those who have a desire to know you and help you grow in your relationship with God. Additionally, if you need resources, this is a great starting point! 


Which campus is live-streamed?

We broadcast Sunday services, including the worship and teaching, from our North Naples location in South Florida.

What can I expect from a live-streamed service?

Every Sunday, we craft a unique livestream experience for our Grow Church Anywhere audience. We have live services at 9:00 am, 10:30 am, and 12:00 PM ET every Sunday but we would love to see you hop on for our pre-service segment that begins 5 minutes before services. This is where you can connect with others in the chat and see upcoming event information!

How can I get campus-specific information?

If you are in South Florida, we hope you are getting connected to your local campus! Find a campus location near you here.

How can I get in contact with a pastor?

One of our pastors would love to connect with you! If you have a question, please reach out here. If you are in need of prayer, let us know on the prayer form so we can follow up with you.

How can I get involved?

We are so excited to get you involved with Grow Church Anywhere and want to help you take your next step. Grow Steps is a great first step that will lay out a variety of ways to get involved. Looking for your next step? Send us an email so we can help you discover your next step!


Got a Question? Let us know.

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