Every month we have the oppotunity to make a difference in our community. Check out the list below to get plugged in!

Buddy Break

Buddy Break was created to provide respite care for parents of VIP Kids. VIP Kids are those with any physical, cognitive, medical or hidden disability, chronic or life-threatening illness, or those who are medically fragile. Though a tremendous blessing, the life of raising a VIP Kid can be all-consuming with very little support available, even from friends and family, forcing many VIP families to travel the journey overwhelmed and alone. Buddy Break is a program that gives VIP parents that break, while allowing people to get involved by being a Buddy friend to a child and their family.

To learn more about Buddy Break and how you can volunteer for Buddy Break events, click the link below.

Monthly Giving Bags

There are many growing needs around SWFL. Several organizations exist to combat those needs. Every other month as a Church we do our part by partnering with an organization to collect items that practically addresses the need they are combating. To get involved with the preparation, distribution, and collection of Giving Bags, click the button below.


Helps Outreach

Helps Outreach is open for volunteers Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday From 9:00am-3:00pm.

To find out how you can volunteer and connect with this organization, click the button below.


Pregnancy Resource Center

Pregnancy Resource Center is open to volunteers Monday-Friday. To find out how you can volunteer and connect with this organization, click the button below.

Grace Place

The cycle of poverty can limit a child’s access to food, educational and recreational opportunities.  Grace Place partners with families living in poverty in Golden Gate City by giving them access to food, educational resources, and recreational resources. You can partner with Grace Place as a volunteer Monday through Friday.