Big Idea

This week, David Wildman, wrapped up our Relationship Status with his message, “Better Breakups.” David discussed how even though endings can be natural occurrences, we often identify as failures when our relationships end. It’s easy for us to give into shame and regret when our relationships don’t look like how we hoped they would; however, not every relationship we have is meant to last forever. Looking at relationships in the context of seasons makes ending them more acceptable. We discover if we are nearing the end of a season by evaluating, elevating and exchanging.

When evaluating our relationships it’s important to remember:

  • When it comes to matters of romance, we may not be the ones who see clearly
  • God uses people to bless us; the devil uses people to destroy us
  • The past is a good predictor
  • People can change, but won’t without a new structure

We elevate ourselves to see from God’s point of view by:

  • Allowing God to access our heart and relationships
  • Letting God pull us higher
  • Ending relationships quickly, kindly and clearly

It’s easier to exchange endings for new beginnings by remembering:

  • God redeems lost time

Discussion Questions

  • What past experiences do you have with staying in relationships too long, whether they are business, romantic or friendships? What negative effects did you experience by staying in the relationship longer than you should have?
  • What are your biggest fears about ending relationships? Where do those fears stem from? How can you allow God to remove those fears?
  • Are there any relationships you currently have that may need to be evaluated? What is it about those relationships that make you feel like they may need to come to an end? How can you address those issues?
  • How can you elevate yourself to see from God’s perspective? What may stop you from ending relationships even when you see from God’s perspective? How can you be more confident in ending relationships?
  • How can you adopt the perspective that sees endings as new beginnings? What practical steps can you take to make sure you move forward, grow and adapt after an ending? How have you seen God redeem lost time in your life?

Important Scripture

Matthew 24:12-14, Ecclesiastes 3:1-2, Genesis 21:9-14, Genesis 16:4-6, Proverbs 15:22, John 15:1-2, Proverbs 26:11, Psalm 139:23, Isaiah 55:8-9, Philippians 3:13-14, Isaiah 43:18, Joel 2:25