Writing Your Notes

  • The title of your message should be in your opener
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat: make sure you repeat your main idea/title throughout your notes. Have a main idea and keep reiterating it.
  • Are there action steps? What is the audience’s next step?
  • Think about what the audience needs to hear, not just what you want to share.


  • Time your practices — aim to be 15 seconds under
  • Record yourself and watch/listen back to it
  • Put a red line on the halfway point of your notes (at 3 minutes are you ahead, behind, or on time?)
  • Know your notes, so you aren’t reading and can look at your audience, even walk away from the table
  • Be yourself – don’t try to emulate someone else or a style that is not your own. You will always be your best if you are being yourself.

Day of

  • How to hold a microphone
  • Be there for Order of Service @ 8:00am (do not be late)
  • Outfits – be modest, think about dresses/skirts with chairs, think about showing sweat, practical shoes, no hats
  • Watch what you eat & drink

How to Handle

  • Too much time left: slow down on the last few points, repeat repeat, really emphasize
  • Too little time left: wrap up your statement, restate your main point, end when the buzzer goes off
  • Applause/Laughter: be prepared for audience responses, also remember these pauses take up some time
  • Losing your place: just pause and find your place, the pause will feel a lot longer to you than it will to the audience. You are the only one who has your notes and knows what you’re supposed to say, so don’t worry if you accidentally skip over something.

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