Tips For Preparing

Writing Your Notes

  • The title of your message should be in your opener
  • Have one main idea and Repeat, repeat, repeat: Keep your main idea throughout your notes.  Keep it simple.
  • Are there action steps? What is the audience’s next step?
  • Think about what the audience needs to hear, not just what you want to share.

Practicing Tips

  • Time your practices — aim to be 15 seconds under, so 5:45ish minutes.
  • Record yourself and watch/listen back to it
  • Put a red line on the halfway point of your notes (at 3 minutes are you ahead, behind, or on time?)
  • Know your notes, so you aren’t reading and can look at your audience, even walk away from the table
  • Be yourself – don’t try to emulate someone else or a style that is not your own. You will always be your best if you are being yourself.

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