Jul 15

The Kingdom Is Power Unpack Notes

Big Idea

God promised that He would do exceedingly above all we could ask or think; and while many of us look at this promise as the open door to see our dreams and imaginations come to fruition in our lives, we often times disconnect it from relationship it has with the power God has given us, not realizing that it is because of the power within us – the same power that rose Jesus from the grave – that we have an open door to a lifestyle of seeing God’s heavenly kingdom invade our earthly lives with such awe and wonder (Ephesians 3:20). Jesus, fully God and fully man, lived His life with every human limitation we face, revealing we are unable to live a life where we do greater things than Jesus, greater things than opening blind eyes, raising people from the dead, cleansing the leper, etc. without the power of God (John 14:12). And just as Jesus only did what He saw the Father do, within our command to cooperate with God’s heavenly kingdom, rests the need for us to cooperate with His heavenly power (John 5:19). When we embrace the gift of the Holy Spirit, we open the door to witnessing God’s kingdom come in glory and power penetrate the lives and hearts of others, as it makes its way through us. In Pastor Tracy’s message, The Kingdom Is Power, she discusses how God reveals His heart through His power, while equipping us with the steps we can take to operate in the fullness of God’s power and continue what Jesus started.

Our journey with harnessing and releasing the power of God in our every day lives begins as we embrace the purpose behind God’s power. In the days of Jesus’ ministry, God drew His people back to Him through His love and His power. In a period of tyranny and a lack of social reform, God’s love captivated the hearts of His people as He embraced the shameful, outcasts, abandoned and broken. His message to pray for those who persecute you and forgive beyond measure transformed society’s heart to a place of hope and grace, while the revealing of His power demonstrated the longing in God’s heart to not simply embrace, but completely transform. Jesus operated in the fullness of God’s power to demonstrate that while God unconditionally loved those bound in sin, those weighed down by sickness and disease, those tied to corruption and deceit and those abandoned by society, He had no intention of keeping them there. God’s power revealed His desire to see the broken, lost and forgotten to be restored, found and remembered. We have not been given the fullness of God’s power through His Holy Spirit to simply see our dreams come true; we’ve been granted the fullness of Heaven’s power to gracefully extend it to those who are desperately seeking transformation. God’s purposed us with a life full of what we could never ask, think or imagine doing for the benefit of His Church, the benefit of His people.

Our journey into releasing all that is in Heaven upon earth continues as we stand in humility with a posture of servanthood. Jesus revealed the need to lay aside our own agenda as He said, “the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many,” (Mark 10:45). In all that Jesus is, He understood He wasn’t sent for His own purposes, but for the purpose of restoring God’s children to the Father. He understood His life wasn’t about Him, but rather revealing God’s love for the sake of His people. As we stand in humility, understanding our purpose is not about us, we’re able to lay aside our pride and selfish ambition, freely giving the power that has been given to us. We must also have faith if we are going to see God’s power released in the lives around us. Throughout scripture we see God promise that signs, miracles and wonders would follow those who believe (Mark 16:17-18). Previous generations have distorted the truth that God’s power is still present and meant for today, creating the tension between what God’s word says and what we truly believe. We experience God’s power in greater measures when we don’t just simply say yes to the truth that the Holy Spirit was given to reveal God’s Kingdom, but when we cling to this truth, trusting in the full faithfulness of God’s word. God’s power is revealed when we operate in obedience to God’s power even when our circumstances don’t immediately reflect it, when our minds want to validate our experience more than God’s word. Lastly, our journey of seeing God’s kingdom revealed as power comes when we grow in greater relationship with Him. The Apostle Paul’s cry to the church was for them to grow in the knowledge of God and the calling He has given us. As we build a greater, deeper and more dependent relationship with the Father, we gain greater insight into the purpose He has for us releasing His power into the broken hearts around us. By continuously spending time in prayer and God’s word, God is able to increase our understanding for how and why His heart yearns for Heaven to come to earth, while equipping us with the plans and strategies to do so.

Discussion Questions

  • When it comes to your purpose, what may stop you from focusing on using your gifts and talents for those around you? How can you keep your mind focused on living an others based purpose instead of a self based purpose?
  • How can you serve those around you in a greater capacity? What things can you do to release the fullness of God’s power in your acts of service?
  • What may limit you from believing God’s power is still working and purposed for today? What may cause you to believe lies disqualifying you from being used to reveal God’s power? How can you establish your identity around the truth that God wants you to release and reveal His love through His power?
  • How does having a strong relationship with God allow you to see how He wants to use you to impact others? What steps can you take to deepen your trust and dependence on God?
  • When your situations seem to validate the non-existence of God’s power, how can you stand strong in your belief that God’s kingdom is here on earth, as it is in heaven? How will taking this stance move you into greater manifestations of His power in and through you?

Prayer Focus

Thank God for releasing His Holy Spirit upon you. Praise God for depositing the same power that rose Jesus from the grave into your heart and spirit. Ask God for greater measures of His supernatural power. Thank God for giving you a humble heart and for giving you greater opportunities to serve and impact those around you. Invite the Holy Spirit to reveal any lies that may be hindering your ability to walk in the full power of His presence. Ask that He replace those lies with truth. Pray for a greater measure of faith and trust in God’s word. Thank God for revealing how He wants to release His power in and through you for the purpose of revealing His love and compassion. Praise God for wanting to desperately use you to reveal the fullness of His kingdom.

Leader Tips

Encourage your group members by reminding them God has called them to be co-laborers in Christ, operating in the fullness of His power. If any of your group members may doubt the power of God is for today, encourage their faith by having your group share testimonies of God’s power at work in their lives. Help your group members see ways they can release God’s power in the lives of others throughout their every day habits and decisions. Reveal ways your group member can embrace a greater relationship with the Holy Spirit, knowing that it is through His power that we are able to see God do more than we could ask, think or imagine in our lives.