Behind the Curtain: Deceived to Control

Behind the Curtain: Deceived to Control

Main Idea The unseen realm is a battleground of spiritual warfare where good and evil clash for the souls of men. Satan’s deceptive strategy has not changed in wanting to control us and keeping us from conforming to the image of Christ. He knows when we operate in...

Behind the Curtain: Deceived to Control

Behind the Curtain: Unseen But Real

The second heaven is the Unseen but Real spiritual realm where good and evil spirits clash in the battle for men’s souls. Lucifer (Satan) desired to be exalted to the highest place and didn’t like that God’s plan was to put men above angels. So, he convinced a host of...

Grow Groups FAQs

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How long do groups last?

Most groups last either 6 weeks or 12 weeks. There is a short break after the group ends. New groups launch every time we start a group semester (Fall, Spring & Summer). At that time, you can join the same group, find a new one, or lead one yourself.

I'm nervous to lead a group but want to. What do I do?

Here are some simple steps you can take to grow into the leader God created you to be.

  • Attend a group. All leaders must attend at least one group before they can lead. Learn by example.
  • Attend Grow Group Leader Training. All leaders must also go through this class. Here you will get all the tools and training to be a successful leader.
  • Still not sure, Become a Co-Leader. Partner with a strong leader to help them lead a group and gain the experience to lead on your own.
I'm new to this whole group thing, how do I know which one to join?

There are so many types of groups it can be overwhelming. There are hobby groups, prayer groups, book groups, and so many more. We recommend choosing a group that interests you. However, one group that we believe everyone should go through is Freedom.